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private commissions


Full Color Bust - $80

Full Color Half Body - $110

Full Color Full Body - $150


*Extra characters will cost 50% of original commission price. Per Extra Character prices will apply only to characters drawn on the same art canvas. For separate files, full base price will apply. 


  • To request a commission, you can message me at Please include your tumblr/twitter/other social media handle so I can credit you in your message as well as your preferred email address (if not messaging me through email).

  • Please send a detailed description of the character you would like drawn, and any reference images you have. Plenty of visual reference helps me understand the vision you have for your character!

  • Feel free to also include any non-visual details about your character such as backstory or personality if you like! Every little bit helps and I love learning about peoples characters!


  • Listed prices are for private/non-commercial illustrations. For more details about commercial illustration & design pricing, please contact me at

  • Orders are usually completed within a month, but please allow for 2-3 months due to any backlog I may have at the time or unforeseen circumstances. If there is any delay in completing your work, I will notify you as soon as possible.

  • When I am ready to begin your commission, I will send you a PayPal Invoice and begin work on your piece. Full amount is due at this time. (All prices are USD). Once I have started work on your commission I cannot provide refunds.

  • All files are set at  11x17" / 17x11" **Please keep this in mind when requesting extra characters, as the details will become smaller when fitting multiple figures into this space.

  • Per Extra Character prices will apply only to characters drawn on the same art canvas. For separate files, full base price will apply. 

  • Full color commissions will receive a WIP sketch to make sure you’re happy with the design and details. (This is the best point to ask for changes!)

  • Small changes (not to exceed 10% of overall work) can be made once the artwork is completed, but major changes may incur an extra charge.

  • Extra cost items include: Familiars, complex weapons, high detail characters (dragonborn, tabaxi, warforged, etc.), very complex outfits, and backgrounds. (This is due to the extra time it takes to draw these.) Price varies depending on the item and can be discussed in your message.


  • I will email you a high-resolution PDF, a high-res PNG with background, and a high-res PNG that is transparent. If at any time you have problems with your files I’ll be happy to fix them for you! All goods are digital and will not be shipped.

  • You are welcome to post your commission on social media, I just ask that you please tag me!

  • I like to share my artwork with the community! I often post commission pieces on my social media, so if you’d prefer I not do this, please let me know.